Sustainable Focus


We use locally sourced and produced fabrics to avoid fabric imports and hence reduce our carbon foot print, keeping our environment greener and supporting local productions.

We manufacture with local and small family owned business where we can oversee the entire process and ensure fair work practices are maintained.

Each garment is made from 100% polyester which means it can be recycled in the future.

All collections are based on the principles of slow fashion, so all L'IDÉE shapes are designed as high-quality, timeless pieces.

We maximize usage of all leftover fabric cuts–in the form of upcycling in to accessories and re-usable brand packaging for online orders. Our goal is to end up with a no-waste production (and we are really close to this now).

All samples of designs are preliminarily tested by an experimental buro, to make sure that our customers will enjoy it the same as we are. Only after testing, pieces go into production.

We are putting quality above quantity, that’s why our head designer is personally overseeing all of the production processes and quality control checks.

Our business processes are built in a way that we take into account the sustainable side of every stage of sourcing fabrics, production and distribution, as we feel that beauty shouldn’t harm the environment and can become a powerful tool of investing in our future.

Our team is keeping an eye on all developments and approaches to sustainability and implementing it within our brand.

We aim to share our values with our clients so they can become part of the L'IDÉE sustainable community.